Saturday, February 5, 2011

What's holding you back

So here we are with "Lady" on our mind. What is a lady exactly you may ask, well she is a fabulous, graceful being that is ready to charm at any moment –one day that will be me. But before I start my “shame” cleanse, here are a few inner people every lady needs to say goodbye to.

1. The bitch

There’s not thing cute or graceful about being a bitch. We’ve all seen "Mean Girls," and know how the movie ends. A lady is charismatic, personable, thankful, respectful, polite, and a fun person to be around and quite frankly bitches are just rude.

2. The Slut

Samantha Jones is great in theory, not in practice.

3. The lazy blob

As amazing as sleeping till 10 am followed by re-runs of law and order sounds, there’s a life out there that is yours for discovering. A lady is interesting and cultured, and that takes time and energy.  Ladies there’s more to life than your bed.

4. The tom boy/sweat pants lover

Freshmen year of college I went through a love affair with my sweatpants, but let’s face it, if it’s the mark of a lady to always look put together, than the sweats have got to go. They do nothing for your figure and give you permission to give into the lazy, fat kid in all of us.

5. The hot-mess

I’m sure Jackie O’s professor never referred to her as a hot-mess, obviously not my greatest moment. Two words: It’s Over.

Now that my baggage is gone, I made  my homepage. It’s a great etiquette website, recommended by Vanity Fair (the bible). 


  1. It has been a personal struggle of my own to overcome my inner bitch, lazy blob, and sweatpant lover. The hot-mess still occasionally makes her way out on Saturday nights, so I will be looking to your blog for inspiration to become more lady-like. In the meantime, as we both strive towards "dame-ism" visit my blog for my weekly Hot Mess How To at

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  3. I'm not sure that I completely follow this post. Is this a set of guidelines for what all women should aspire to become? Or is it a helpful how-to if your goal is to become a Jackie-O type socialite?

    My wife, for example, is a Midwest girl that grew up on a farm. She can change the oil in a car, rotate the tires and change the carburetor (meanwhile, I have no clue what a carburetor even does). She wears sweatpants, rolls around on the floor with our son playing with trucks and LEGOs and makeup rarely ever can find a path to her face. At the same time, she donates her money and time to humanitarian organizations such as Habitat For Humanity, soup kitchens, children's hospital and womens shelters. She boasts an IQ of over 140, cooks food better than I've experienced in most restaurants and exhibits the gracefulness of 10 pillbox hat-wearing first ladies. And she does it without trying.

    My wife is the embodiment of a tomboy, and she's exactly what I've always been looking for. She's a housewife now, but if she wanted a career, she would have zero trouble finding a place to set her roots and begin a climb to the top.

    I think my confusion lies in who this blog post is aimed at. Do all women need to strive to be this way? Do women who want to be socialites need to pay attention? Is this a template to becoming successful as a career woman or just to come across as high class? What does "Samantha Jones is great in theory, not in practice." actually mean?

    In this male-dominated society, wouldn't being a bitch help put you on more equal ground? It seems like being all polite and lady-like would allow the men to eat you alive. It's the difference between being the president or the president's wife.

  4. Hi Nicholas,

    Thanks for stopping by, truely appreciate your questions. Well, I am by no means trying to be a socialite (and if I was I would've picked an idol whose life was less tragic than poor jackie).

    This is a blog for women who would like to be more refined and a little bit more delicate, especially in today's society where the "bro" version of the female is idolized.

    Being a woman is in its self quite a powerful thing, but learning how to do it right can take you to unimaginable places.

    As far as the bitch comment, well love I would like to believe that success can be achieved without offending or mistreating anyone, both things which a bitch thrives on.

    Best regards,