Monday, February 7, 2011


Happy Monday my fellow dames. Today’s post is a reminder that lady lessons are all around us, come in unexpected packages and when you least expect it. With that in mind, this week’s lady lesson comes buried under smokey eyes, hair extensions and acrylic nails aka from an episode of Jerseylicious.

What can I say, there was a marathon.  

Any how, on this particular episode of Jerseylicious Tracy and Olivia are sent out of Jersey and into Manhattan where they learn from NYC’s finest about how to tone down their eccentric styles. Their mentors, well none other than Edward Tricomi and Joel Warren –you know the men behind Warren-Tricomi, you can find them under the tents at fashion week. These men know ladies, literally, they’ve probably styled your idol’s locks. And I watched them school Tracy and Olivia, and take these two shames: 
Olivia before

Tracy before

and turn them into jaw-dropping dames. 

(See, there is hope.)

Besides the expected “stop tanning,” “lose the acrylic nails” preaching Ed gave the girls another lesson which I thought would be very helpful for us. The lesson: hair, makeup, and clothes must be in tack in order for one to look good.
So with Tricomi’s advice in mind, I propose a little challenge. Take the lady challenge and everyday before you leave your house make sure your hair, makeup and clothes are in check. Now I’m not saying you have to look like the cover of Vanity Fair every time you see daylight, I’m just saying throw on a little blush and hairspray. After all, isn’t looking good half of the battle?

….or was it showing up?

To watch this episode of Jerseylicious ("I don't want to lose my nails") click

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