Wednesday, February 16, 2011

lady find of the week: Rent the Runway

Remember last week’s ladylicious post where we talked about the things that need to be in tack to look put-together?
… Remember: hair, make-up and clothes?
Well anyways, I know some of you ladies are convinced that looking good comes with a huge price tag so this post is for you.  Let’s say you have got a VERY important event to attend, or heck you just want to look good at the bar, but have nothing to wear. Been there.
And now let’s say you’ve been eyeing the perfect dress but its way over your budget, maybe by $400. Normally we would’ve said goodbye to our dream dress and settled for something else, something not quite as dazzling.
It's Life.
Well not anymore! Meet Rent the Runway, a website that will rent out some of the hottest dresses with price tags that run anywhere from $300 to well into the thousands.  So for 90% off of the retail price RTR will lend you your dream dress for 4 days (you can rent it for 8 days at an extra price).  After the 4 days you return your dress and RTR will take care of the dry cleaning.
It’s like your online fairy godmother.
Wait it gets better, Jennifer Hyman RTR’s CEO and her team have thought of everything. RTR lets you rent accessories, lets you rent dress two dress sizes for the price of one (in case you’ve been eating too many Valentine’s Day donuts from dunkin), and offers you insurance in case you leave your inner lady at the door and ruin the dress.
Plus they take care of the dry cleaning.
What’s not to like?
I haven’t tried it out yet, but I have a couple of dates coming up next week so ill definitely be browsing their selection.
 Let me know if you’ve used Rent the Runway.

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