Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cupboard Beauty: Lemon

After a recent stint on the Lemonade Diet which had been shortened by my lack of motivation, I found myself with a refrigerator full of lemons and not a clue as to what to do with them. Thoughts of gently squeezing the zest of a lemon into buckets of homemade cleaner crossed my mind but let’s be real -I am no Martha. Then I ran into the idea of using lemon as a facial cleanser.

Yes, that’s right; I’m using lemons on my face. Now this took a lot of trial and ERROR. My first experience I came very close to near loss of eye sight – note to you: lemon juice apparently stings. 

After a failed attempt I tried again because apparently after much research I found that lemons have been a best kept beauty secret. 

Lemon is full of Vitamin C, that you know. Vitamin C, not only used to ward off colds, is the key component in Collagen (you know that ingredient used to keep our old sagging skin from touching the floor).  So consuming a lot of Vitamin C means that your skin will be firm and strong, scars will begin to vanish, and old tarnished skin will begin to heal again. Also known for its ability to fight off wrinkles and fine lines.

I will repeat: Vitamin C helps prevent wrinkles & sagging skin.

Ways to use lemon for beauty:
  1. Squeeze a little into your foods be it a salad (for a low Cal salad dressing) or into your drink.
  2.  Cut a piece of lemon and use it to scrub your face. I do this in the shower. Use the chunk of lemon once and toss it after. Note there may be some burning and redness as lemon juice is a natural astringent so do not be scared.
  3. Use the lemon juice as an astringent before bed or mix the lemon juice with water and use in the morning. 
  4.   Try Dr.Oz’s recipe for a Lemon Facial Cleanser.

Now not only will consuming lemon help enhance your beauty but it has also been known to help with weight loss, digestion, fight off colds and UTI’s, along with relieving stress. 

You can thank me later.

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