Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So apparently life does not always work out as planned. Growing up we engross ourselves in fantasy novels, reality television and the false idea that great things happen to those who work hard. Now don’t get me wrong, I still believe that greatness can only be attained through hard work, but I thought this would all happen faster. 

Womp Womp.

Anyhow before you get the impression that this post is one which is filled with depression and written on a keyboard drenched in tears, don’t! This post is about the little things that have kept me going during this rough patch. Let’s face it after interviewing at numerous places, harassing the marketing population in New York City and still finding myself unemployed, all of this rejection tends to be hard on the soul.

During my last interview I found myself in an awkward place. I was no longer that confident girl who believed in her abilities. I was sitting there trying to convince an HR girl that I was capable of a job that I myself didn’t even believe I was qualified for. That has to change! If I am ever going to get a great job, sit shoulder-to-shoulder with game changers, if I ever going to be responsible for marketing campaigns that leave people wanting more –I need to start doing AFFIRMATIONS.

An affirmation in the simplest form is:

Sometimes you just have to remind yourself what others are having a little difficulty seeing.

So I pledge to take just a couple of minutes a day to tell myself “yes, I am a rock star. I am a creative genius. I do not have a job yet because people in HR are fools. I am beautiful. And yes, sexy men want me. GODDAMNIT!!!!”

I feel better already J
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