Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are you gelling?

I love a good manicure and pedicure.  So much in fact that if I missed your class last week it was probably because I decided a trip to the nail salon would be more appropriate and deserving. 

The massage, the pretty colors, the endless possibilities of patterns and designs –it’s a relaxation station. But the one thing that can put a damper on this great experience, a chipped nail.

Let’s face it, nothing says I don’t care about myself/ I am homeless more than sloppy, chipped nails. But one day I heard about gel manicures (the chip-free guaranteed polish) and my life changed forever.

So I hurried along to my nearest nail place, picked myself a gel color and bam! I was ready. I sat there gitty, anxious and overall excited for this manicure, which felt more like a science experiment than a manicure, to end. After inserting my nails in and out of UV lamps I had my finished product, a nice, thick, instantly dry manicure. MAGIC!

For $25 I thought it was worth it, I mean the lady promised it would remain like this for up to three weeks (with the exception of nail growth, it would be perfect).

But there I was a week later, with a hand full of chipped nails. The little manicure lady had lied!
But I decided to give them one more chance. This time I went to a nicer nail salon, and forked over an extra $5, but it was worth it. It has now been a week and 4 days and my nails are still chip free.  

So in-case you are wondering whether or not to give gel manicures a try, I have composed a Pros and Cons list to help you.

1. Zero drying time. There’s a funky UV light that dries those puppies up making sure your nails are smudge free.

2. The finish is never dull and always a nice thick layer, even a week later.
3. PERFECT for getting before a vacation, or just need a fabulous manicure or pedicure.

1. 1. If you decided you want to remove your manicure, you need to soak your nails in acetone or buff the gel polish off. Peeling it off can remove the top layer of your nail (trust me on that one, it has been personally tested).
2. 2. The price. Ranging anywhere from $25 to $40 these manicures can be expensive. (Remember it lasts up to three weeks so this isn’t a weekly expense).
3. 3.Time. It takes a little bit longer than a regular manicure, maybe 10 minutes.
4. 4. Options. The colors available aren’t as varied as regular polished, but I guess that also depends on the salon you go to .

Also, while doing research I ran into some concerns about the UV lamp and the possibilities of causing aging or the risks of skin cancer. Click here for more information on that.

Here is a great video I found that takes you through the gel manicure process: 

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